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Join the Nutri-Geek's Table - An Exclusive Membership for those on a journey to rediscover the language and intelligence of their body through nutrition.

Why table discussions are so valuable.
Consider that the majority of the most meaningful events in our life (holidays, weddings, celebrations, birthdays, etc.) include sharing a meal around a table with people we care about. A table is where we come together, share stories, become vulnerable, and expand our experiences. It is where we use all our senses to take in and nourish on all levels of ourself.  There is no greater place of discovery of the body then over the table when we tune in, open-up, and take in what will literally become us. It is where we get to mold the physical form through all 5 levels of ourself (physical, emotional, mental, intuitive, and spiritual). It a place of communication with the body and a place of immersing ourselves in it, if we are willing to participate in the conversation.

No more fad diets or chasing nutrition solutions that don’t last. It is time to unlearn everything you thought you knew about nutrition and relearn it from YOUR body’s perspective. Your biology knows your truth, shouldn’t you reclaim this knowledge, too?

This group membership offers exclusive access to monthly educational resources such as videos, self-test, body-food exploration, and surveys and quizzes to expand your knowledge of your body’s language and reclaim your biological truth. All content is provided in a self-paced and easy to digest format to enable you to build your skills at body tune-in and nutrition tune-ups to achieve your goals from a biologically fit perspective.

Best of all you don't have to learn alone.  In fact, studies show that we gain more out of our experiences when we learn as a group.  So, if you are ready to start learning exactly what your body has to say about what you need to see the body you have dreamed of reflected in the mirror, there is no time to wait. 

Join the group today!


  • Stop chasing diet plans that only control your biology instead of unlocking its potential
  • Learn how to interpret your body's needs and provide it through biologically fit nutrition
  • Build confidence in your ability to have the body and health you have always desired 
  • Learn how to set boundaries and avoid foods that shut down your body's specific metabolism
  • Join a community of fellow geek's to expand your learning process and gain extra support along the way
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The Podcast

Calling All Nutri-Geeks!

It's time to challenge the way you see food and its relationship to your body. In my new podcast 'The Nutri-Geek's Guide to Nutrition' we dive into nutrition, health, and diet trends from the body's lens. Spoiler alert: all diets eventually fail, and its not your fault.

Nutrition isn't a one size fits all, but you do have a biologically designed perfect fit. It's time to unlock your body's brilliance.

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