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What Does Your Body Have to Say About Your Gut Health?

One of the biggest challenges nutritionist face when trying to help our clients achieve the results they desire is aiding the body in being able to absorb all the nutrients from the foods you consume. Without the gut working properly, you will not see the full, sustaining results of any nutrition strategy.

The reason is that we are constantly being bombarded by environmental toxins and other insults to the gut blocking your body's ability to break down and take in even the most nutrient dense foods.

In fact, some of the best foods available can create havoc in the gut when your microbiome is out of balance.

Ever wonder why that kale smoothie or other latest diet trend can work wonders for some but leave you feeling more bloated than ever? The answer is found in the gut.

Therefore, we start all our clients with a gut health tune-up. We help clear out the old, outdated environment that is not serving you and replace it with new, high performing ecology to supercharge your nutrient absorption so you can once again get everything out of any new nutrition plan.

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Benefits of Your Gut Health Tune-Up

Discover the root of gas and belly bloat after meals and how it is preventing your nutrition goals.
See how your energy levels sky rocket post gut health reconstruction.
Discover foods that your gut can't handle keeping your gut inflamed and blocking nutrient absorption.
Learn your gut level metabolism. Is your gut composition one that tends towards leanness or one that prevents it?
Discover pathogens or other overgrowths that are contributing to gut health imbalances.
Learn how your gut is performing at creating your own vitamins, which accounts for 30% of your daily requirement to turn food into energy.
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Client Experience

"My life has changed for the better over these past many months.  At times I have wished for the results to come faster, but know that my body is slowly but surely moving to a healthier version of me.  I have improved energy wise, have lost over 55 pounds, and am below the weight when I was in high school or too shaped in the military.  I can feel the difference!  I have more to go, but know this journey is a good hike and not a sprint :)"
Thomas J.

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