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Nutrigenomic Retune

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What is the nutrigenomic level of nutrition?

First we took a look at your gut health, then your metabolism, and now it’s time to understand your body and its needs at the genetic level. With so many ways to nourish your body, how do you know what is best for you if you don’t know your genetic master design?

Your genetic master design and all the variants within in that make you unique determines what nutrients are required to for your metabolic pathways operate at their fullest potential.  This code determines whether any type of food will create health or create problems.

How much easier would it be to go to the source, your genetic roadmap, first and then build your nutrition based on this critical information?

Aceso Nutrition has partnered with MyHappyGenes to offer one of the most comprehensive nutrigenomic tests available, analyzing >675,000 genes providing insight into the roots of metabolic and biochemistry pathway imbalances. This extensive data merged with Aceso’s signature nutrigenomic evaluation ensures you know exactly what your body needs to unlock the body and health for which your body was designed.

Your privacy matters to us!

Rest assured, privacy is a top priority at Aceso Nutrition. Unlike other DNA labs, MyHappyGenes prioritizes privacy, ensuring that your genetic information is never shared with third-party vendors. Take control of your genetic information while harnessing the power of personalized nutrition.


What will nutrigenomic coaching mean for you?

Inside Knowledge

An in-depth understanding of your microbiome, metabolic pathways, and nutrigenomic design.

Microbiome Whole Genome Sequencing

Cutting-edge microbiome genome sequencing testing.

Nutrigenomic Testing

A MyHappyGenes nutrigenomic test for metabolic and biochemical functions.

Micronutrient Testing

An organic acids/intracellular micronutrients test.


An initial consultation and then six one-on-one coaching sessions for seven months

GEnetic Education

An in-depth understanding of your body and its needs at the genetic level.

Nutrigenomic Mastery

The resources you need to unlock your body’s brilliance and live in your optimal state.

I'm In.

Client Experience

“My health has radically improved. I no longer have any of the symptoms that have plagued me and caused me to go to dozens of doctors and emergency rooms throughout my life. And beyond that, I am so much more deeply connected to my body and its wisdom. My mental health has never been better, my anxiety and depression are gone. I know what I need to do to get back on track when I veer off in any direction. I feel so good, strong, confident, and healthy.”
Emily P.

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